Castlevania Season 1 Review | CGM

Castlevania’s first season is both a well-directed animated feature and an extremely convincing argument for the death of binge-ready television.

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blackblades828d ago

Bull, this anime was good and theres plenty of people that feels the same. The only bad thing was 4 episodes.

thekhurg828d ago

0/10 for only being 4 episodes
8/10 for being awesome

Deadpoolio828d ago

Bull it was not good....The animation was all over the place, you had people with rectangular eyes standing next to people with anime eyes, parts of it were motion comic bad and WTF was up with the pube scratch beard on Trevor, have those people never seen facial hair...The voice acting is god awful in alot of places and it barely has anything to do with Castlevania......On top of the 4 episodes, Jesus people need to stop looking for pathetic reasons to try and defend every single thing that comes out just because its attached to something they like......It was a terrible anime and a terrible Castlevania tie in....The only decent thing in it was that they atleast tried to make Dracula a sympathetic character, even though it makes zero sense that a vampire would marry a human

blackblades828d ago

That's your dam problem, I didnt notice none of that. You sound like one of those stupid critics that only focus on negative things instead of jus enjoying it. Also everything isn't perfect definitely when it comes to anime.