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KingPin1376d ago

ahhhh nolans batman of the best out there.

thekhurg1376d ago

I'll never understand why it's held in such high regard. The action was awful. Bale wasn't a great Batman.

It just had the performance of a lifetime with Ledger as the Joker, and Hardy killed it as Bane...

PapaBop1376d ago

Bale wasn't a great Batman but he was a great Bruce Wayne.

UKmilitia1376d ago

ledger and hardy were amazing

KingPin1375d ago

i like how you say you dont know why its held in high regard and then give two reasons why it was amazing.
Bale for me was a good batman, not the best but not the worst by any means.
the stories of all three were equally well done.
the villains were memorable...i mean which superhero movie before did you actually feel like "damn, this dude actually could beat the hero if he keeps this up."

the action wasn't awful, it was just filmed in a way that could've been done much better.

but yeah, it was a good refresh to a franchise. not to mention, it had a more serious tone for a comic book movie which wasn't done in any comic book movie before. As far as batman movies go, it can only be compared to burtons batman movies and those still had a less serious tone to it without being too over kid-like like batman & robin.

ajax171376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Awesome! Hopefully they'll release a new batch of standard blu-ray's with the new transfer as well. Batman Begins has a bit of a weak blu-ray in terms of video quality.