Hawaii Five-0: CBS Responds to Emotional Facebook Post by Daniel Dae Kim

TVF - We heard earlier today from Hawaii Five-0 star Daniel Dae Kim about his time on the series coming to an end, and this afternoon CBS made a statement. Read on.

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The_Otaku745d ago

This doesn't look good for CBS, but hopefully they make some improvements in the near future as a result of things like this coming out.

Raiden744d ago

Look, all actors should have the equal pay, the main actors are important to the series and a simple thing like pay shouldn't be disrupting the series, actors that spend so much time together should remain together it makes for the perfect dance, now you gonna have to recruit new members and break them in, I also feel that co stars should be backing there fellow actors.

dauntingpixel744d ago

no not all actors deserve equal pay. not even remotely close to how it should be. Just like people working in the loading docks should have equal pay to the people running logistics etc.

this whole equal pay movement thing is bs. i gotta tell you. if i were the producers of house of cards, the moment robin wright starts chirping about her demands for the same pay as kevin spacey is the day i go back to my writers and tell them to kill her character off. not because she's a woman , but because guess what. she's NOT kevin spacey. a highly decorated and respected actor. he's a far superior actor to her.

ajax17744d ago

Yeah, it's not sexism or racism. It's all about star power. I bet if you asked 100 random people more would know who Kevin Spacey is then who Robin Wright is.

MagicBeanz743d ago

So the white guys made a little more money than them and they threw a tantrum and quit, what a surprise.