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10 Reasons Why Transformers The Movie Cartoon is Better Than All 5 Live Action Films Combined

Paul @ FG: So us genuine Transformers fans have been slapped in the face again with the release of the fifth Michael Bay live action film. It’s hard to think how they can make each film progressively worse than the last, but they’ve managed it somehow with this latest monstrosity the worst film in the series to date.

This upset me greatly, so I done the only thing any decent Transformers fan would do and fire up the classic cartoon movie and wonder where it all went so wrong, while sobbing in my crisps.

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ARESWARLORD1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

My parents dropped me and my sister off to watch this in the theater was so psyched just a little kid at the time when Optimus Prime died it just wrecked me I couldn't believe it I think I even cried I felt so upset until they finally brought them back a couple Seasons later that was way too much for a little kid to see watching your hero die before your eyes. I was about 6 or 7. Thank God they never killed Grimlock I just could not believe the killing it now movie and I've never liked hot rod because of it.

NewMonday1211d ago

exactly how I felt back then, the movie was a drastic change in tone from the cartoon series so it got me way off guard, classic Auotobots like Ironhide and Wheeljack dying left and right was a shock to me.

still the best Transformers movie.

ravinash1211d ago

I watch the original cartoon film when it came out, then had it on video.
Over the years I've probably watch this file about 27 times.
I 40 now, so my brain most go into some kind of time warp when I watch this film.

Aldous_Snow1211d ago

Havent seen the new movie yet... Does it start with an optimus voiceover and does it end with one like all the others? And how about a linkin park song at the end? lol

gangsta_red1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Saw this when it first came out as a kid. My parents also dropped me off as they did not want to see it (bad parenting, ha). I remember the theater being packed, kids excited to see it and then all of us being floored when Ironhide, Ratchet, Brawn and Prowl got merked hard by the Decepticons.

Never before has a kid movie established that shit was about to get real then this movie right here.

Artemidorus1211d ago

An absolute classic, wished they did more (not the other less budget types).

It's the bridge for Generation 1 to Generation 2.