Is It Time To Admit The Hans Solo 'Star Wars' Movie Was A Bad Idea?

With the upcoming Hans Solo movie entering huge production upheaval, Screen Critics Shaun asks if Lucasfilm and Disney should pull the plug?

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Nodoze1260d ago

PULL the plug NOW. You cannot have a Harrison Ford is Han Solo now and forever. Nobody can fill those shoes. They should have done a Boba Fett movie. Delve into the deep under belly of empire.

Summons751260d ago

Now? How about when they announced the idea of it or when they cast a guy who looks nothing like a young Ford when there is a guy in Age of Adaline who looks and sounds like a young HF (he actually plays the young version of him)

bluefox7551260d ago

And pass on the opportunity to milk the franchise further? You must be out of your mind!