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Was the Han Solo Movie a Good Idea for a 'Star Wars' Spinoff?


Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have left a galaxy far, far away.

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dauntingpixel1262d ago

i don't think so. especially not with the guys who made a lego movie... and the guy they cast as han didn't really look the part to me. if only they had figured this out sooner.

MilkMan1262d ago

I'm not sure. I like the character of Han, and I imagine him being downright evil before he got "cleaned" up when joining the resistance and meeting Leia..not sure how this story would fit into the greater Star Wars cannon.

Lord_Sloth1261d ago

No because we know he was a smuggler until he met up with Luke. I don't need any further info about his past. Rather have other side stories about more interesting characters. Han was entertaining, yes, but I don't think I'm interested in seeing a movie focused on him.

StarWarsFan1261d ago

I don't think a Han Solo movie is a bad idea on its own. I just get a little worried that they'll take it too far and give every big character their own spin-off. These spin-offs should be extremely limited. Like even Rogue One had a big thing to use in its plot (the Death Star), but I hope they're not going to give every plot device from the main Star Wars trilogies its own solo movie.