Game of Thrones Season 7’s Biggest Players

With Game of Thrones only a little under 4 weeks away from returning, anticipation is starting to skyrocket. This is mainly because if season 7 had the same schedule as the last 6 seasons, we would’ve seen the whole thing by now. Regardless, here’s a look at the big players of the upcoming season 7 and what we can expect to see of them.

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pressjudge1258d ago

The new series will be epic, epic I say

BWTrail1258d ago

Cersei has always complained about how many enemies stand before her. I'm more curious what the Martells and Tyrelles will do when Daenerys wins.

Aldous_Snow1257d ago

So excited for this... Less than a month to go!!!

lauraparker20171257d ago

and counting every second :D