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Kill It or Keep It: Resident Evil, Fast and Furious, Transformer, and Planet of the Apes

Franchises have aided in giving America its own style of filmmaking. Though they can be found being made in most major movie making countries, nobody does it like America.

Some have been around longer than most of us, and others are barely starting.

Though the first one on this list has only been around since the early 2000s, it honestly feels like an eternity since the first one hit the silver screen (mainly because they’ve been overstaying their welcome for quite some time).

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JayEscobar1261d ago

I'm lost as to what to put as tags. Do I put the 4 movies mentioned in the video? The one we talk about the most? I'm not 100% sure, let me know, please.

MilkMan1259d ago

Transformers should go away. The rest can stay. IF I had to choose.

Universal 081259d ago

Transformers and Resident Evil should go bye bye. Transformers should leave especially if its by Michael Bay, someone else needs to take his spot and not let him back in. Resident evil was fine for the first 3 movies when I thought it was going to end soon but every movie after said it was the final battle or something like that and then they added a cliffhanger. Wouldnt be surprised if Resident Evil: The Final Chapter gets another movie after that.