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THR | 'From Hollywood to Rose' Review

The Hollywood Reporter

A homely, middle-aged woman in an unconventional wedding dress boards a late-evening bus in Los Angeles, mascara streaking down her face. She doesn't quite have the full fare, and isn't inclined to talk about how she got in this mess. For the rest of her all-night odyssey through the region's bus lines, she'll be far from the weirdest character we meet in From Hollywood to Rose, a semi-comic debut by writer-directors Liz Graham and Matt Jacobs. A self-referential "quest film" that could easily be a play in one of LA's black-box theaters, the picture has a hard time getting beyond its ostentatious quirks and getting to the point; for some viewers who catch what will likely be a very short run, though, that aimlessness will be its main virtue.

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