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10 DC Female Characters I Would Like to See Get Their Own Film

RIchard of gXp writes, "A few weeks ago, there was a post here on gXp where I talked about the 10 Marvel heroines that I would like to see receive their own solo film, as Captain Marvel will receive in 2019 starring Brie Larson in the titular role. Well, after the success of the Wonder Woman film starring Gal Gadot this past weekend, I have gone back and sort of revised my list of 10 DC heroines that I would like to see get their own solo film. DC finally got a film right as has restored some of my faith in their Cinematic Universe, so I wanted to add some of my favorite DC super heroines to the list and up it from its original 5 entrants up to 10. Because, previously, I was unsure at DC’s ability to put out a decent super hero film, I was even more worried at their ability to create a super hero film centered around a female character – even as one as iconic as Wonder Woman."

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