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As Expected, There Are Idiots Who Find The Black Panther Trailer Racist

It's 2017, but unsurprisingly, some corners of Twitter believe that Marvel's Black Panther film is racist.

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SarcasticDuck1258d ago

noice, let me see if this tweets will make me laugh...

... nope, just made me sad that so many terrorist attacks and none of them killed this ignorants!

dota2champion1258d ago

Since when are twitter tweets news worthy?

annoyedgamer1258d ago

Can we not make twitter posts by nobodies into news? This is one of the biggest problems in society today. Social media gives the dumbest, the loudest voice.

Shinkus1258d ago

It is. Did you see any racecars in the trailer? Racist.


Idiots like these give the decent Caucasians a bad name....what a pity.

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