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SR | 'Twin Peaks: Part 6' Review


Well, Twin Peaks has gone and done it. After nearly 30 years, the series has finally revealed Agent Cooper’s trusted confidant and assistant Diane, and she comes to us in the form of Laura Dern. Diane has been huge part of the series since the very first episode, when Dale was seen recording messages to her on his handheld recorder. Seemingly the recipient of every single thought that ran through Cooper’s head, Diane has long been the subject of speculation, as her identity was never revealed onscreen nor did any of her communication with the square-jawed agent ever appear to be much of a two-way street. But when it was announced that Dern, a previous David Lynch collaborator on Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, and Inland Empire, would be joining the series’ return to television, well, that seemed to set off some alarms.

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