"Batman and Harley Quinn" – A Speculative Pre-review From a Batman “Traditionalist”

On May 30, Warner Bros. released the cover art and announced the release date (August 15) of the upcoming animated movie “Batman and Harley Quinn.” The premise is that Poison Ivy and the Floronic Man undertake a plan to save the earth that involves destroying most of humankind. Batman and Nightwing learn of the duo’s plot and recruit Harley Quinn in order to foil their nefarious plans.

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MattDavisGR1272d ago

Nice m8, i'm an old Batman Fan myself :)

brianparker1272d ago

Yepp, Batman rules :D and Catwoman is hot :))

blackblades1271d ago

They went back to old school animated batman art style. Also I was thinking it was a batman & Harley love hate relationship movie or something.