DC Movies: Changes as Warner Bros Signal A New Approach

DC finally has its first bonafide hit in Wonder Woman. Having grossed $254 million worldwide and sitting at a solid 93% on Rotten Tomatoes as of right now, Wonder Woman has defied the expectations of many and has proved that DC can make a good movie. That being said, it is in no way a sign that their future movies will be better. This is especially considering Justice League was in post-production long before this film, the last three films haven’t been received well, and there’s a lot of drama behind The Flash production.

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brianparker1410d ago

DC movies are good popcorn movies ;)

thekhurg1410d ago

Garbage article too. Man of steel, bvs and suicide were not commercial flops.

They all made the studio money.

kamisama1410d ago

Yeah, funny thing is I remember jut reading that the DC movies have also made more money then the marvel movies beating them out of the top spots

freshslicepizza1410d ago

Suicide Squad was terrible and some of the lines in Justice League like Batman saying his superhero power is he's rich just come off as corny and b-grade. Wonder Woman was great and I actually didn't mind Batman vs Superman.

Anzil1410d ago

Ya I like them more so than marvels offerings. Seems people love to hate these movies. Buddy even goes out of the way to say they are commercial flops which they are not. SS made huge money and even BvS although underperformed for WB it still made quite a bit of money. These type of people are going crazier than democrats with the Russia bs.

lauraparker20171410d ago

DC movies reminds me of my childhood years :D

Anzil1410d ago

Oh I see you're the same person as above lol;)

Kojjikaneshiro1410d ago

DC movies might make a lot of money but bottom line is that they suck.When a movie sucks it kills revenue with toys,clothing,accessories and any other possible way that they can generate more money.Not to mention the fact that SvB had a horrible story take away that superhero factor and that as a film is was badly executed.Green Lantern was worse than that.I love DC but they have a steep hill to climb,Wonder Woman is a step in the right direction though.

gamejediben1410d ago

Marvel had a few stinkers when it got its film universe going too. Iron Man started it off great but then there was the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2 & 3 and both of the Thor movies. I'd rather watch any of the DCEU films again than those disasters. And its not just limited to comic book films. Harry Potter 1 & 2 were pretty disappointing too. My point is that all film universes start off badly because the film makers are too concerned with future films and not focused on the film they are making. If George Lucas had been thinking about TESB while he was making Star Wars then it wouldn't have been as good as it turned out to be.

Aldous_Snow1409d ago

Man of Steel was good. BvS was trash. Suicide Squad was abysmal. Wonder woman was great.

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