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Wonder Woman's Influence Is About Much More Than Superhuman Strength


There’s a reason Gloria Steinem chose Wonder Woman for the first cover of her groundbreaking feminist publication, Ms. Magazine. The first female superhero called into question gender constructs that had long been considered fact: That men are stronger than women. That strength is purely physical, violent, dominating. That women can’t do the jobs historically assigned to men.

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annoyedgamer1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

And superman called into question the fact that we can't fly.

Porcelain_Chicken1276d ago


to both of your messages in this thread. ^^^

I agree with the article but it feels like it's kind of stating the obvious. Like it shouldn't really need to be said. I know some people have too few brain cells to really grasp the concept of genetics but... well, you know.

Anthotis1276d ago

Men are stronger than women, though.

SJW fail

BenjaMan641276d ago

By strength, they mean not just physical strength, but several factors: skill, intelligence, wisdom, humilty, virtue. Features that aren't predetermined by gender. In short, it means that one is not superior in certain areas just for being a man or a woman.

WelkinCole1276d ago

I know I couple of women that are physically stronger than some men. If you are in weightlifting, or cross fit you would know what I am talking about.

annoyedgamer1276d ago

And any man who does the same will be stronger.

WelkinCole1276d ago

@anoyedgamer. My point is not every single men are stronger than every single women. Anthotis is basically saying that every men are stronger than every women when he stated that Men are stronger than women. There are exception where some women are stronger than some men. I know a few personally as I am in power lifting and cross fit.

WelkinCole1276d ago

Yeah it was good and all. Everything that makes a good movie is there. Offcouse there is a feminist/girl power bent to it but I believe it was not overdone and it was inline with the character with her being an Amazonian and all.

In the end though I think it was too predictable and it basically handhold you throughout the movie like every other superhero movie nowdays. You can literally watch even if you are half asleep.

As such I actually preferred BvS over it.

sonic9891276d ago

yeah obviously spreading and instilling an agenda.
much more than superhuman they say anyone who is blind to what is going on with the world nowadays is delusional.

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