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Why The Monks Suck as Doctor Who Aliens and Villains

The latest Doctor Who villains, The Monks, are some of the most disappointing aliens in the series. Here is my take on why they suck.

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MattDavisGR1278d ago

Doctor Who a great show but it's going downhill...

aarogree1278d ago

It's stagnating, that's for sure.

SouthClaw1277d ago

russell t davies was the better show runner. Steven moffat has ruined the show hopefully with him leaving it gets better. The stories have been incoherent and boring.

The 10th Rider1276d ago

It went downhill a long time ago. It picked back up again for a bit when Clara left, but then it promptly went back to going downhill. Every time I hear Moffat attached to something now I roll my eyes. He can do good work in short bursts, but he can't handle a long running show to save his life.

ninsigma1276d ago

It's a hell of a lot better than it has been in a long time. The series with Clara really sucked. It is a far better show now than the previous season and I can actually enjoy it again. Plus, Capaldi can finally show off how he's a good Doctor now that Clara is gone because for whatever reason the writers decided to revolve the series around her with really crappy episodes.