Steven Yeun Breaks Silence Since Leaving The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun broke his silence since leaving The Walking Dead on Sunday night. During a packed panel at Walker Stalker Con in the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee, the actor played host to the convention’s main event.

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Soldierone1269d ago

Back when we knew the cliffhanger was coming I posted on a forum and said the "twist" will be that it is two people, not one. It'd be Glenn and Abraham. Glenn's character is beloved because of this, they wouldn't pass it up, but it's a shame Abraham got overshadowed by it.

Number_91269d ago

Links or it didn't happen

Soldierone1266d ago

It was on the roamersandlurkers forums. I don't think we are allowed to post links in comments here.

chris2351269d ago

the walking dead is still a thing? strange. the past few seasons have been abysmal. they should rename the show to "the boring dead".

slate911269d ago

It's been more of a soap opera than a zombie survival show since season 5

KingPin1269d ago

season 5?
i felt it started to become that from the second half of season 3.

freshslicepizza1268d ago

The last couple of seasons have been especially bad