Dan Aykroyd Slams Ghostbusters Director Paul Feig; He Will Not Be Back On The Sony Lot Any Time Soon


Original Ghostbusters star and co-writer Dan Aykroyd has trashed the recent reboot's director Paul Feig by blaming him for the fact that the franchise is now essentially dead.

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BLAKHOODe1269d ago

I grew up on the original Ghostbusters and Bill Murray is pretty much GOD to me, but I like the 2016 reboot and have watched it with my 9 year old daughter a few times. And I'm sure I'll watch it several more times. It's not a bad movie and the comedy lives up to today's standards, which is probably it's biggest drawback for anyone comparing it to the original. (Comedy was a lot safer in the '80s. Ask Kathy Griffin.) I guess I can't blame Sony for giving Feig the ax, though, for not listening and costing the studio millions in reshoots, but I think it's ridiculous to cancel any plans for a sequel and spin-offs when the 2016 movie will likely end up becoming a cult favorite in the long run.

dauntingpixel1269d ago

sorry.. but i don't thnk this film has any chance of becoming a cult classic. for me it was just a crappy movie from start to finish. this one will never reach the levels of status as the original and partially that's because the people who grew up with the original are showing the movie to their kids. i personally know a few kids who have seen both and they liked the original one better.

MagicBeanz1269d ago

We'd ask Kathy Griffin but theres two problems, first off being Kathy Griffin isn't even remotely funny and second her recent little stunt wasn't funny either.

dauntingpixel1269d ago

who did that lady sell her soul to to become "quasi-famous"?

Gwiz1269d ago

Jo Dan do your thing man,only the original cast knows what makes a good Ghostbusters movie.
Use women,men,all colors and shapes lol and make a good movie and rub it in and show people how to make a good movie.

DillyDilly1269d ago

This movie pretty much ruined the careers of Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones & Paul Feig so we got THAT to be thankful for

windblowsagain1269d ago

I enjoyed the film.

As for cult classics.

It shows your age, just like me the best films.


Films are not made like this anymore.

Most films are super hero big budget affairs with shitloads of cgi.

Also Melissa McCarthy will have no problem getting work due to other films.

People expect too much.

This isn't the 80's-90's.

ajax171268d ago

Good. Making/marketing your entire movie around the notion of "watch this because it's only women" is terrible. Nobody wanted that outside of feminst crybabies.

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