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More Justice League, Man of Steel 2, Green Lantern Rumors & More


DCEU rumors include: Matthew Vaughn, Superman, Black Adam, Justice League 2, Wonder Woman 2 and more!

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dauntingpixel1272d ago

gettting gotham city sirens off the ground in time for a summer 2018 release seems pretty far fetched to me

Deadpoolio1272d ago

Good....Lets just stop raping Batman lore altogether. We can get rid of Gotham also and pretend it never existed, I've never seen a show so determined to rape lore like Gotham...No they weren't all friends, no they didn't all live in Gotham and NO the Joker wasn't some red-headed carney freak who murdered his mother...Jesus the Riddler didn't even move to Gotham until there was a Batman and yet there he is acting like a serial killer

mixelon1271d ago

It's an alternate take, it's not trying to be a prequel to any other existing interpretation. It's intentionally ridiculous.

It's batshit unpredictability is one of its strengths.

Porcelain_Chicken1270d ago

Agreed, it I'll probably get pushed back sooner or later. There's no way they can fast track a movie this quickly. Unless they already have a script. With Wonder Woman's success I hope they begin to take a bit more time with their scripts. Keep the tone and consistency going.