Top 10 Films that Make Me Cry

Richard of gXp comments, "Call me a wuss, call me a wimp, call me a cry baby… I don’t care; I’m not afraid to admit that certain movies make me cry. And not just a tear falling down my cheek, a full on, out loud cry because of the sadness, joy or horror I have felt thanks to the movie I was just watching. In truth, a lot of films make me tear up. I love getting lost inside the story of a film and just have it captivate me in every single way. To let yourself get completely emotionally engrossed in a film is truly a rare feat not all films can accomplish. But there are those few films that manage to touch me so deeply I can’t help but well up every time that I watch them. When a film not only manages to entertain me, but to deeply touch me emotionally… that is what I live for as a movie fan."

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