Sorry Dwayne - Critics Aren't To Blame For Baywatch Sucking

Dwayne Johnson's comments about critics are sadly wrong - believes Screen Critics Shaun.

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The critics and just media in general have no power any more. Trust is at an all time low between consumers and the press, so in a way this article is right. Critics aren't to blame, simply because no one pays them any attention. They've been reduced to white noise

Newmanator1279d ago

Agreed, I love Transformers despite all the hate it gets.

CobraKai1279d ago

I absolutely agree with you Newmanator. All the films are fun to watch and generally fantastic, but critics say otherwise. I'm appreciate the fact I can think for myself and form my own opinions.

kreate1279d ago

Not sure if being serious ...

Summons751279d ago

Yeah. It's like how everyone is praising Wonder Woman ONLY because the lead is female (as if that has never happened before) but the same critics shouting from the rooftop did the same thing for Ghostbusters: Answer the Call and we all know how bad that was. Not to mention MOS, BVS and SS also got high praises but were all terrible. In the end, a bad movie is a bad movie. It could have great acting but bad editing or effect. It could have an amazing script but the actors aren't doing their best or the director is brain-dead. It could just be a bad movie all around. But anyone expecting Baywatch to be anything better than "eh it was alright for a rainy day movie" is hoping for too much. I mean the TV show wasn't even good, why would you think a movie about it would be?

Newmanator1279d ago

Well written and entertaining.

EazyC1279d ago

I still think this will put Zac Efron's career on the skids, he hasn't really had one decent film and this one is another nail for his coffin.

annoyedgamer1279d ago

Critics are dishonest and Hollywood is full of talentless hacks. Foreign films are where its at now.

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