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'Resident Evil' Star Milla Jovovich Almost Quit Movie Over Michelle Rodriguez Role


The Resident Evil movie franchise almost derailed before it even got going. Star Milla Jovovich recalled in a new interview with Inverse, tracking the history of the films, that she “almost quit” 2002’s first installment due to major script rewrites around Michelle Rodriguez’s character, Rain.

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PapaBop1443d ago

I wished she had and they made Michelle Rodriguez the star of the films, couldn't really have turned out much worse tbh.

blackblades1443d ago

Haven't watched since the film with Epps in it.

Soldierone1443d ago

Rain was honestly a better character. She was more dominant and badass, they could have led that into some great things. Alice was boring, even in the first film, and continued to be boring throughout the franchise.

dunnyone1443d ago

If they replaced Milla with a carrot with googley eyes the films still would have been fucking awful.