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Is Barry Allen The Villain of Flash Season 4?

Could Barry Allen be The Flash's next villain? Here's our theory.

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blackblades1273d ago

Technically he was already a villain as being Savitar. The newspaper still say flash disappeared and iris is his wife so he'll be back. You can't have a live action series without the main star, unless another Berry Allen comes around from another earth.

Inzo1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Uhhhh......... He already was the "next" villain in season 3. How many times can a speedster be the villain?

Number_91273d ago

I don't even know why they need speedster villains when Barry is so slow most of the time. Regular speed villains seem to have more than adequate reflexes to knock him on his ass.

boing11273d ago

They mentioned DeVoe few times during the season.