Wonder Woman and the Alamo Drafthouse Debacle

COGconnected writes - We're just over a week away from the release of Wonder Woman and when the light should be shining on Diana's solo debut it's focused on a silly controversy.

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DillyDilly1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

They have a crappy legal team since this is against discrimination laws in states like Texas & New York so I hope they enjoy the lawsuits imagine if this was the other way around for any other movies ?

Muadiib1276d ago

Ugh, this article has liberal cuck written all over it, if a movie had a men only showing I bet he'd be the first in line to throw a tantrum. What next, black only showings?! He'd probably lap that up, white only though, he'd likely have an epileptic fit!

If just as many women watch super hero movies then it's because the men drag them to the cinema (like women drag men to chick flicks), I still doubt it's 50/50 though, more like 70/30.

Lastly this movie looks terrible, if it's as bad as I think it is then I hope it flops, just like all other sjw fests, money is the only thing Hollywood listens to nowadays and they have a difficult lesson to learn this summer I suspect.

annoyedgamer1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Harvard just hosted a black only graduation. SJW events in colleges nationwide int he US have "whites need not apply" or "non male" clauses attached. These people are literally dragging us back to the stone ages.

Nodoze1275d ago

Soon they will have separate areas on campus, their own water fountains...oh wait.

annoyedgamer1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Controversy is only silly when its against SJW causes. If it was against straight men, Christians, Americans or Europeans its righteous.

Averyashimself1276d ago

The kind of hypocrisy coming from this "journalism" blows my freaking mind.

Majin-vegeta1275d ago

I hope someone does a "Mans only"screening for Spoderman