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Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Post-Credits Scene Explained

Pirates of the Caribbean isn't over yet - Dead Men Tell No Tales' post-credits scene teases a very exciting sixth movie.

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DillyDilly1276d ago

A post credits scene that made no sense since the Trident was destroyed which also destroyed all sea based curses & the Dutchman curse was a sea based curse which was broken when the Trident was destroyed & Davy Jones was not doing his duty anyway so they really should not have done that which ignored their own damn rules set in the same damn movie

Aldous_Snow1275d ago

Time they let this die. Rubbish after the 2nd one. But Depp will never give it up considerin its the only thing keepin him in a job nowadays

coolbeans1275d ago

Just another series that's overstayed its welcome.

neoragex1273d ago

Shud've stopped at 3. Kill it before it gets annoying af.