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GR | 'Twin Peaks S3.03' Review


Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) falls through a starry void and finds himself in a part of the Black Lodge we haven’t seen before. It seems the Red Room is just one small part of this labyrinthine netherworld. The opening scenes of the third episode are David Lynch at his most daring and abstract, with stuttered, staccato editing that feels like watching a scratched record. Among the surreal imagery Cooper encounters is the floating head of Major Garland Briggs (Don S. Davis) who whispers the words ‘blue rose’, an eyeless woman who seems to be the caretaker of this strange place, and her unseen mother who bangs repeatedly on a metal door. Then this jarring, nightmarish journey, which has echoes of Lynch’s Eraserhead, ends with Cooper slithering out of a power socket into the real world.

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