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‘Alien: Covenant’ Review – Goomba Stomp

The horror is plentiful and masterful in 'Alien: Covenant', but the film falters when Scott continues asking existential questions without offering any answers.

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_LarZen_1287d ago

I found it to be more of an action movie for teenagers then horror to be honest.

annoyedgamer1287d ago

I was dissapointed, the film felt more like a depraved action film and less like a true horror film.

Allsystemgamer1287d ago

It wasn't remotely scary. The protomorphs had buttholes for mouths.

The xenomorphs acted like morons.

There was no tension.

The scientists were all idiots.

The xeno origin was stupid.

It's time to lay the alien franchise to rest until someone who actually knows how to handle it comes to the task. Scott clearly has no idea what to do with it.