Alien: Covenant and the Elizabeth Shaw Problem

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Alien: Covenant is a sequel to Prometheus, but what it does to Noomi Rapace's Elizabeth Shaw underscores huge fundamental problems.

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annoyedgamer1285d ago

:( They even replaced her in the promo reels. A disgraceful bastardization of the established storyline form Prometheus.


Yep, it's quite the stinker.

annoyedgamer1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I'm trying to figure out how it has such a decent critical reception because I went in expecting something great but boy was I wrong...

MilkMan1285d ago

People wanted actors running away from Aliens...they got it. The rest of us that wanted something different got screwed.

X-Alchemist1285d ago

I fully agree. It was a terrible film, such a missed opportunity.

Allsystemgamer1285d ago

People wanted the aliens. It's not our fault Scott doesn't know what made the original 2 films great.

Covenant was trash.

Knuckle Duster1285d ago

I really enjoyed the mythology behind the series. That being said the ball was dropped with covenant! I really would've liked Shaw to take the place of Ripley for at least a few movies!

Protagonist1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

So many problems with this movie. I loved Prometheus and wanted a proper sequel for that and not another generic Alien movie. Killing of Elizabeth Shaw was a major letdown.

Aldous_Snow1284d ago

Not seen it yet... Is it really that bad?

plmkoh1284d ago

Don't listen to the haters, nothing wrong with it as a film. It's just that bringing the movie back to being an Alien killer story is not ambitious after they tried to expand the backstory with Prometheus. Sure Prometheus was a let down with problems in the story, but at least it tried to make the Alien franchise a bit less two dimensional.

TheFirstClassic1284d ago

Eh, I wouldn't say nothing is wrong with it as its own movie. It had one of the most insultingly obvious "plot twist" that I have ever seen, and the movie felt very tropey. The alien itself was also pretty dumb and unimpressive, despite how perfect it was supposed to be.

coolbeans1284d ago

I don't think many will call it outright 'bad' per se, but terribly disappointing. Prometheus was a very dicey film but it did have high-minded concepts going for it. This one just totally disregards the semi-optimistic ending from before in favor of yet another Alien movie relying WAY too heavily on character stupidity and convenience. It does a disservice to Shaw as well.

Soldierone1281d ago

What I'm hearing is so mixed. That being said it seems those that enjoyed Prometheus don't like it, while others do, which means I'll enjoy it. I though Prometheus was rather boring.