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Can Wonder Woman Turn Things Around for DC Movies?

DC and Warner Brothers have been hit or miss with their comic book movies. The majority of their Superman and Batman content is pretty good (with some stinkers) but their other properties struggle to achieve the same level of critical and financial success. Now that the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has been created, they’re trying to bring all their properties together in the same manner that Marvel does with their Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Next up on their slate is Wonder Woman, set to release in a few weeks.

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Inzo1281d ago

In who's eyes must WW turn things around for DC?

zerocarnage1281d ago

So far I have not been disappointed by either DC or marvel films.

slate911280d ago

I agree for the most part. Suicide squad was very average though imo.

Omnislashver361280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Well they're taking after Marvel now whose extremely poor. Nothing is going to turn things around for these cheesey franchises.

I mean Wonder Woman and Black Widow do nothing but talk in a Low-voice the entire time, spout cheesey lines, and make suggestive(?) cheesey faces at the camera. You can't really save something this flawed. Not to mention the plot is always terrible.

I mean analytically can anyone tell me what makes them so great aside from world class marketing and the fact they have no competition?