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The Survivalist - AV Club Review

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As wonderful as the spectacle in George Miller’s vision of the post-apocalypse may be, in reality, the end of the world would probably look less like Mad Max: Fury Road and more like The Survivalist. Set in the near future, when overpopulation has led to widespread starvation and the breakdown of society, director Stephen Fingleton’s spare, striking debut feature takes a minimalist approach to the post-apocalyptic thriller. The film—which is coming to American theaters two years after its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival and a year after its release in its native U.K.—shares similar settings and themes with Krisha director Trey Edward Shults’ upcoming It Comes At Night. The difference here is in the direction: Shults uses the tension between a small band of survivors to create nail-biting suspense, while Fingleton concentrates on quiet character moments to explore themes of loyalty and betrayal.

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