SR | 'Supergirl: Resist' Review


After moving from CBS to The CW for season 2, Supergirl underwent certain changes, some as a result of the network shift and some that weren’t. Since Supergirl moved its production from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Calista Flockhart didn’t return for season 2 as Cat Grant — Kara Danvers’ boss and mentor throughout season 1. Perhaps as a result of Cat Grant’s exit from CatCo and Kara’s new job as a journalist working for Snapper Carr, Supergirl season 2 has focused more on the superhero’s work with the DEO. Additionally, the show has introduced a number of new alien characters in season 2, like Daxamite prince Mon-El, as Supergirl has explored what it means for aliens to live the lives of refugees on Earth.

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