Alien: Covenant (Film Review) | The Good the Bad and the Insulting

So, here we are again. It's been several years since Prometheus, and with Ridley Scott having flip-flopped a few times over what he was going to do with this one, it was never wholly clear whether we were going to see it. So, was it worth the wait? Definitely. Is without its flaws? Definitely not. This is certainly a very enjoyable film, but one with more than a few major failings present within its storytelling, which might well put you off of this one.

The story this time follows the crew of the colony ship Covenant as it travels to a new world. However, after interstellar anomalies damage the vessel and a human signal is picked up on a nearby world, they opt to investigate, hoping to find a closer destination to make their new home. Unfortunately, they soon discover they are not alone, and the answers to what happened in this horrifying world lie with the mysterious android who awaits them there. His name? David.

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