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Prometheus disappointed many fans of Ridley Scott’s beloved Alien franchise: throwing away the horror elements for cheap gore and bad characters. The second attempt at a prequel series Alien: Covenant (2017) is out this month. But how does the sequel improve on prior faults? Find out as ComiConverse film critic Jordan Samuel reviews the Alien revival.

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Aldous_Snow1298d ago

Really want to see this. Hope it lives up to the hype

Adexus1297d ago

Saw it in IMAX earlier and I loved it, as a big fan of Prometheus I'd put Covenant above that, cannot wait for the sequel.

bobtheimpaler1297d ago

This movie was awful. A lot of beats we've already seen before. Going back to horror instead of continuing from Prometheus was a mistake. The only scene I likes was the one between David and Walter. Should have been more philosophical, but it goes for the cheap seats who just want to see an alien.

coolbeans1297d ago

I'm still hesitant to see just b/c I didn't care that much for Prometheus.

rockwhynot1297d ago

Prometheus was one of my favorite movies ever it was too legit! This covenant flick seems cheesy