Justice League Star Seemingly Says The Movie Will Not Be Better Than The Avengers


Warner Bros. won't like this! One of the stars of Batman v Superman and Justice League was recently asked if the latter will top The Avengers, and their answer is pretty shocking...

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KillBill1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Really doubt she heard the last part of the question correctly.

Inzo1299d ago

Click bait, she was answering that she cant give any info on the movie.

acemonkey1298d ago

Lol she heard the question. Take as No she cant talk about spoilers and No Its not better then Avengers. Or take it as No and No "im not going to talk about it".

KingPin1298d ago

you could interpret that answer in different ways, however, even if its not better than the avengers, which avengers movie is she referring to? and even if its not better than the first, does that mean its not a good movie at all? i mean seriously, we all know people will still go watch JL.

link2Dpast1298d ago

Either way it's all based on preference and opinion. They invest millions and millions on productions of this magnitude I doubt it'll be worse than 7-8/10 and that's pretty good considering most movies in this day in age are pure crap compared to the good ole 80-90s days, it's to the point where there on the verge of remaking absolutely all the best iconic movies