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Folk Hero And Funny Guy: Filmmaker Jeff Grace And Wyatt Russell On The Road Comedy


Every once in a while, a really special film comes along that you may have a chance to see at a film festival, but that may not have the biggest studio push behind it when it finally gets released. Jeff Grace’s Folk Hero and Funny Guy is one of those great festival movies that really deserves more attention. The film stars Wyatt Russell (22 Jump Street), and Alex Karpovsky (Girls) as two childhood friends whose lives went into very different directions in terms of fame and success. Russell’s Jason Black is a hugely-popular singer and songwriter i.e. the folk her of the title, while Karpovsky’s Paul is the funny guy, a struggling stand-up comic for many years. When Paul’s fiancé dumps him, Jason, feeling bad for his friend, throws out the idea of the two of them going on tour with Paul opening for him. The idea is that being out on the road will help Paul get over his fiancé, and maybe free himself up creatively.

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