A V Club King Kong: Skull Island Review

Against a bright orange sun, a giant gorilla towers in silhouette, helicopters buzzing around his head like angry insects. It’s as if that artist who paints monsters onto thrift-store paintings got his hands on the Apocalypse Now poster. Airlift out this most striking and revealing image, however, and Kong: Skull Island would still announce its subtext with all the subtlety of, well, a rampaging ape. This is a movie where choppers drop bombs on acres of green, where soldiers run through the jungle to “Run Through The Jungle,” where one character is named Conrad and another might as well be named Kurtz. Their heart of darkness: a quagmire on Skull Island, circa the end of the war and filmed in faded colors that don’t so much recall the look of the 1976 version as they do footage from Saigon. “This place is hell,” someone solemnly utters. Would Viet Kong have been too on the nose?

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alycakes669d ago

One reason I enjoyed it was that it wasn't all about the girl and everyone trying to rescue her throughout the whole movie. It had a different story to it all together and Kong was King at the end and didn't die which was great.

mattwlj668d ago

I've been told the scene after three credits is worth staying for, I haven't seen it but is that true?

alycakes668d ago

Oh man! I hate to say this but we didn't stay after the credits. Now I wish we had. I always stay til after the credits but I wasn't feeling my best that day and figured I'd be seeing it again so we left.

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