A V Club Review - Once Upon A Time

A V Club:
Because The A.V. Club knows that TV shows keep going even if we’re not writing at length about them, we’re experimenting with discussion posts. For certain shows, one of our TV writers will publish some brief thoughts about the latest episode, and open the comments for readers to share theirs.

Regina’s decision to bring nü-Robin home with her just seems even creepier this week than it did last week. Where is he going to live? How is supposed to make a living? What kind of impact will his appearance have on his children? This is the dumbest. It’s almost a relief that the kiss didn’t take.

Hey, Zelena! Still leaving the baby unattended at home, we see.

Hey, Pinocchio! Coming in handy all of a sudden.

What’s up with Snow and Charming’s baby? Who’s watching him if one of his parents is always asleep?

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