Donnie Yen To Headline ‘Sleeping Dogs’ For Neal Moritz’s Original Film


EXCLUSIVE: Who best to start a new IP for Neal Moritz’s Original Film (Fast and Furious) than the IP Man himself? Martial artist Donnie Yen is set to star in a new feature from Moritz entitle…

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dauntingpixel593d ago

i really like donnie yen but i hope they have him set to play the role of wei. that role should go to a younger guy in my opinion.

ps360s593d ago (Edited 593d ago )

A Caucasian?

lol seems like that's what hollywood seems to be like doing (DragonBall, Ghost in the shell)

Donnie Yen has the star power to be the main and the looks/energy...if you get some young unknown asian guy...who would really take notice of the movie...

Checkout Flash point and Special id

dauntingpixel593d ago

obviously not a white guy. that makes no sense. i'm not saying i can think of anyone off the top of my head but i feel like if they're going to go with wei chen as the main character, then he should be in his late 20s early 30s.

Porcelain_Chicken592d ago

A Caucasian?!? Wut? Why do we feel the need to turn this into a race thing?! @_@ When clearly it wasn't.

ps360s591d ago

Not turning into a race thing...that wasn't my intention anyway but Hollywood does cast some weird actors/actress to play a part where it never meant to be lol

ps360s593d ago

I understand but an unknown asian guy (in hollywood) without the star power is abit difficult :)

anyway Donnie Yen looks in his early 30s

dauntingpixel593d ago

you think so? i feel like he looks to be in his 40s. lol

ps360s593d ago


Maybe I love Donnie Yen and blinded :P

dauntingpixel593d ago

I think he'd be great. i really do. my criticism wasn't even really a critique as it was just a personal observation/preference.

Porcelain_Chicken592d ago

I can see what you're saying but I'm willing to look past it. I think Donnie has the charisma and charm to really elevate the role in a way few other Asian actors in Hollywood can. Coupled with the aforementioned star power and this could be a hit!

dauntingpixel592d ago

what about Will Yun Lee - he was in The Wolverine and I think he looks the part quite nicely.

Porcelain_Chicken592d ago

Will Yun Lee would be an excellent choice! Sadly Hollywood would never cast him in a role like this, he's far too unknown! ;_; To be completely honest I'm surprised we're getting Donnie Yen at all lol.

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