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The LEGO Batman Movie Review // Eggplante!

Eggplante: "The LEGO Batman Movie is both a superb sophomore big screen LEGO movie and an outstanding Batman movie. Viewers of all ages, and of all Batman knowledge bases, will have tons of fun with it!"

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1512d ago

Now give me a TRUE LEGO Star Wars MOVIE, and I'll be even happier.

ifinitygamer1512d ago

Yessssss! This would be great. Hey, if they needed Batman to prove the format works, I think they've just done it.

TXIDarkAvenger1511d ago

Yes please, I love the TV episodes they do with LEGO Star Wars. Now make a movie!

eastx1512d ago

Good review! I didn't like the movie as much.

It's okay, but the themes are just so obvious and hammered into our heads that it's almost insulting. The romance stuff with Batman and Barbara was inappropriate, although it didn't take up much screentime. Galafanakis is utterly miscast as the Joker (perhaps even more than Leto!), and the climax was contrived and unengaging. The beginning of the movie is really strong though, and there are some good jokes peppered throughout. Glad WB is willing to have a Batman for kids, at least, rather than only depicting one who kills.

ifinitygamer1512d ago

Yeah, you kind of have to suspend disbelief from what we know about Batman, though this is a LEGO movie after all, so maybe that makes sense ;)

Double_O_Revan1512d ago

Spot on. I just wasn't feeling this movie. The undertone themes were just beaten to death. Joker was pretty bad. Few funny spots.

Pogoplay1512d ago

To this day, I have yet to watch a single LEGO movie, but consistently glowing reviews make me think I should start.

Retroman1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Don't go see it. better yet, before spend ur cash watch it at 123movies . com its not worth the head ache finding parking,ticket,hotdog,soda,pop corn . it is much cheaper laying on couch with store bought hotdog, soda, popcorn in pj's

Matter of fact buy XBMC box with KODI. theater at home. no more need to spend 12.00 at parking Garage meter. no more need to pay high ripoff prices for hotdogs,popcorn ,soda pop 31.00 for 3 items with parking . Liter soda 1.99 pack of hotdogs 3.99 microwave popcorn 4.99 11.00 grand total

KwietStorm_BLM1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Nah I'm going to the theater and supporting them. And I don't eat movie theater food or drink soda, so I'm good. And parking is free.

Retroman1512d ago

Personal opinion : after watching it on 123movies . com was highly disappointed how Batman glorify himself waaaaaaaaay to much "because im batman " that's a cool slogan about yourself but crap man. it became unbearable to listen throughout the movie , therefore fell asleep listening to that she-it. in all honestly from scale 1-10 i would rank it ??? 4.5 out of 10
That's being polite .

Aldous_Snow1512d ago

Bet this will be better than the new Batman movie