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What This New Firefly News Means


Joss Whedon's Firefly has become an almost mythic story of a beloved sci-fi series that was discovered too late, after Fox had already axed it from the airwaves after just one season in 2002.

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thorstein2053d ago

"discovered too late" Don't you hate it when a journo doesn't know what happened but pretends and therefore writes fake news. " Who could possibly have known what happened to Firefly, so I'll just make something up."

Fact is: Fox played it out of order and kept changing its time slot. (They also did this for Almost Human, another great series lost because Fox played it out of order and kept changing its time slot.)

Check your facts before you publish.

Aldous_Snow2052d ago

They're just alternative facts.. lol

wheatley2053d ago

Did Fox get sick of answering the same question so they threw the gauntlet in Joss' court so they didn't have to deal with it anymore? I think so.
This now changes the situation from us wanting it back to whether we need it back. Okay Joss' team is hard at work on Agents of SHIELD, or elsewhere all over Hollywood. The stars have aged 14 years, would they team up for a miniseries or a movie like X-Files? I doubt you'd get a full season out of them and their schedules. Joss finished with Marvel and then said he was actually interested in heading back if he got to helm a female centric movie. So really, is anyone heading back to Firefly any time soon? Doubt it. But still, thanks for the headlines Fox.

Double_O_Revan2053d ago

Nothing will come of this. Too much time has past. They've all moved on. Shepard has passed away. If they tried this shortly after the original cancellation or if SyFy had jumped on it right away, maybe. But it's to late.

SuicidalTendencies2053d ago

Shepard died in the movie. The actor who played him being gone wouldn't matter to the story if they did new Firefly.

2052d ago
Aldous_Snow2052d ago

Never heard of this... Thought it was somethin to do with Gotham at first, so meh

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