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Is Jared Leto Teasing A Return For His Take On The Joker In The DC Films Universe?


Suicide Squad star Jared Leto has shared some intriguing new images via Snapchat which may very well be teasing a return for the Clown Prince of Crime to the DC Film Universe. But wait, where and when?

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Bitz1544d ago

I think he has definitely been the best Joker out of all of them.

dauntingpixel1544d ago

oh I can't agree with you on that. heath ledger was easily the best joker put on screen. leto was good but he wasn't what i would call outstanding. i liked his version a lot though

Bitz1544d ago

heath ledger was undoubtedly amazing and was so funny. For me though it was the awesome smile on leto's hand and his laugh that sold it for me.

dauntingpixel1544d ago

i can say with certainty, the smiley tattoo was my least favorite thing. I didn't hate the tattoos in general but if i had been in charge i would have at very least gotten rid of them off the face

Porcelain_Chicken1543d ago

Let's just hope they leave his scenes in the movie this time! >_<

I can almost agree with you on Leto being the best Joker. I need to see more though! I loved Nicholson and Ledger but Leto's Joker was definitely closer to the source material. Nicholson's insanity was a bit too subtle for me while Ledger came off as a very tormented character! Both great in their own right but Leto's Joker seemed like he enjoyed every minute of his insanity and that's why I had so much fun watching him!

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dota2champion1543d ago

give us a joker spinoff since he's not being used in the upcoming batman film

SarcasticDuck1543d ago

kill him and make Batman learn there's been 3 Jokers all along. In other words, recast the role and kill the gringo!

CobraKai1543d ago

Hell yeah. Leto sucked hard. He's intolerable with his constant grumbling and acting school quality acting. He may have acted crazy for the role, just not the right kind of demented crazy the joker is known for.

SarcasticDuck1543d ago

yeah, he's actually a good lunatic, just not a good joker (at all)!

dunnyone1543d ago

God no. At best, he was a kooky thug. He was no Joker. Just a joke.

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