Uncharted Movie Script Finalised; Writer Describes It as ‘A Beast’

The latest script for the live-action Uncharted movie has been finalised, writer Joe Carnahan has confirmed.

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Porcelain_Chicken770d ago

A beast?? Aaaand now I'm nervous. :/

subtenko770d ago

please just have naughty dog supervise this....its not that hard of a step. imagine if akira toriyama supervised the dragonball movie.....but nawww he just let them f it up....not that it was his fault the idiotic studio put out that mess

Porcelain_Chicken770d ago

What Dragonball movie? -,- You lie!!!! There was no Dragonball movie! It was all part of your imagination!!! -bursts into tears- ;_;

To be honest, having Naughty dog involved WOULD help but may not help by much because in the end the studio has their hands in it and get final say in everything. Ubisoft worked closely with the people making the Assassin's creed movie and look how that turned out! X)


Yeah, but it's Ubisoft we're talking about...

Aldous_Snow770d ago

It will flop like every other game to movie movie...

Great games dont make great movies

yomfweeee770d ago

Well that guy sure has some confidence.

KingPin769d ago

well, if you wrote something and thought it was pretty good, you would talk it up to eventhough in other peoples minds its complete trash.

i have no hope for video game movies.
simply put, they messed up so many franchises its unbelievable that they still trying.
Assassins creed, warcraft, ratchet and clank etc etc etc.....all great games with so much potential to be great movies but what we got was far from what we wanted.

yomfweeee769d ago

I'm glad you know what I would do. This guy wasn't even asked and he just comes out gloating. Never seen that before in my life over a movie script. Certainly not a common thing.

windblowsagain769d ago

Get a decent actor to play the part.

Not any of the Wahlbergs

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