Thor: Ragnarok Photo & Official Synopsis Revealed by Marvel


Marvel Studios' has revealed a new Thor: Ragnarok photo as well as an official synopsis for the threequel that teams Thor with The Hulk and Doctor Strange.

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Aldous_Snow772d ago

November cant come soon enough. Going to be awesome!!!

dauntingpixel771d ago

i enjoyed the thor movies enough but i kinda feel like there was something missing from them. i can't quite put my finger on what it is but ... just something feels out of place.

Aldous_Snow771d ago

Yeah the 1st 2 weren't that great but think this will top what Marvel has done so far. It seems to have have everything thrown in (in a good way)

dauntingpixel771d ago

I enjoyed them both. I liked the first one better than 2 but still... I dunno. can;t put my finger on it. This one does seem rather intriguing though.

blackblades771d ago

Bout time they have the hulk in someone else's movie. So civil war had the humans and thor ragnarock has the power handlers.

acemonkey771d ago

Really Enjoyed the first one its very underrated. Second one never Happen lol. But this looks like Planet hulk+ hulk VS+ragnarok+magic (earth magic since Dr. Strange) = Hype cant wait. This movie has a bad date tho.