Here's Exactly How Warner Bros. Can Convince Ben Affleck To Stick Around For The Batman

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I know what you're thinking. The body of this post should be nothing more
than an armored car, overflowing with cash, photoshopped onto Ben Affleck's
driveway. And you're not wrong. But my solution for the current situation
is far simpler than just throwing money at the problem. In fact, it's all
about simplicity and about less money.

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dauntingpixel773d ago

i can't imagine why he'd be so coy about it one minute then excited the next.

MilkMan773d ago

I've been disappointed at the direction this new batman seems to be going. Aside from the bizarre projects they are picking to make as movies, this is my gripe with Batman in his current form.

I was onboard when I saw the angst, anger and hatred of an older Batman, One that had been jaded from years of dealing with criminals, lies and corrupt officials. One that had released his naive ideology and embraced the darker side of his alter ego even realizing that he is in fact, a criminal himself. With "branding" as an option.

I was on board to explore that batman's universe. I was invested.

Instead, the message I'm receiving from DC now is, we are going to see a lighter Batman. One that cracks jokes, buys information from others (rather than have this information himself), and is now at peace with the world and himself because of superman's death? Guess he made peace with the fact that this alien did (to some degree) and still could just snap his fingers and kill everything on Earth.

Also, the ability to clearly "see" Batman in all these films (except Batman v Superman), I feel is a mistake.

I should not be able to see him as clearly as we do, a little girl should NEVER be the reason why batman couldn't handle his business when it comes to apprehending a criminal AND most importantly Batman would never confront a criminal, especially one like Deadshot in one of the best lit alleys ever, when his is walking his little daughter through there.