How Disney and Lucasfilm Can Move Forward With The Role Of Leia

Latino Review

With the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher this past week Disney and
Lucasfilm have the unbelievable task of how to handle the iconic character
of Princess Leia.  Fortunately this issue doesn’t have to be resolved soon
since Carrie completed all of her scenes for Episode VIII releasing this
coming December.  The issue at hand is how much of an impact Princess Leia
had in the story line moving into Episode IX.  It is obvious that the story
will have to change, the amount of change is uncertain.  Unfortunately this
is not the first time an untimely death has impacted the production of a
movie or franchise.  Oliver Reed, Richard Harris, and Paul Walker come to
mind of actors whose untimely death put a delay in movie production.  Each
was handle differently with success in each way.

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