Pennywise Photo from Stephen King's IT

New Line Cinema's new adaptation of Stephen King's IT is currently in post-production, and Tom Woodruff has revealed a terrifying new Pennywise photo.

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xXBlondieVanHarlowXx782d ago

Not sure how to feel about this. It looks like Pennywise. But it also looks a bit off. Like it's trying to intentionally be scary. The original Pennywise (which was masterfully played by Tim Curry) was just a normal looking clown with an underlining darkness to him. If that makes any sense lolz! I hope I'm wrong and this turns out to be good.

PapaBop781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

Sadly subtlety seems to be a lost art in Hollywood these days, especially in remakes and trying to capture what made the original good. I'm still recovering from the nightmare that was the Freddy Kruegar remake.

Deadpoolio781d ago

FIrst off the original TV MINI SERIES is NOT GOOD....It was good when you were 10 because you loved garbage back then....Tim Curry is god awful and comes off more annoying and obnoxious than scary...Second THIS is what Pennywise actually looks like in the source material....This is NOT a remake its the first film adaptation of the novel...Idiots need to stop pretending that the TV mini series is just so fantastic because it isn't its garbage that barely followed the book, unlike this film which is supposedly actually following the novel....

coolbeans777d ago

I think it looks terrible.