Warner Bros. Confirms Lex Luthor and a ‘Wonder Woman’ Character for ‘Justice League’


Warner Bros. just sent out their 2017 movie preview press kit, and it includes a bit of new Justice League information. Or at the very least, official confirmation on some rumors.

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SarcasticDuck792d ago (Edited 792d ago )

Justice League movie content so far:
-Flash introduction;
-Aquaman introduction;
-Cyborg introduction;
-Steppenwolf introduction;
-Probably Darkseid's introduction too;
-Superman ressurrection;
-Green Lantern cameo;
-Mera cameo;
-Lex Luthor cameo;
-"Wonder Woman character" cameo;
-James Gordon cameo;

yup, sounds like "another DCEU great movie"... cough cough sarcasm cough cough cough

Porcelain_Chicken792d ago

The introductions will take about 5 minutes each. Youre taking a guess with Darkseid but it is a possibility. Steppenwolf is just a lapdog. Won't take long to "introduce" him. What about the mother boxes and parademons?! Green Lantern cameo is not comfirmed but it would be a mention at most. Mera, Lex, and Gordon are not "cameos" but characters in the story. No different than anyone else.

I just solved your conundrum. You're welcome!

cell989792d ago

oh no please no, not that clown again