Ezra Miller's Flash Joins Batman, Wonder Woman in New 'Justice League' Photo


We’ve seen Batman battle Superman. We watched Deadshot form an unlikely alliance with Harley Quinn. But the team-up DC Comics’ fans are really waiting for is when the entire Justice League comes together to save the world.

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Porcelain_Chicken791d ago (Edited 791d ago )

Awesome!! Flash's costume looks so "prototype-y" compared to Batman and Wonder Woman lol. I can't wait to see the second suit he gets in the movie! :D Everything looks good so far!

dauntingpixel791d ago

i'm digging it. i also try to ignore the haters. especially the ones who do nothing but crap on everything.

Porcelain_Chicken791d ago


You can try to ignore them in the way that you can try and ignore a genital wart. You look away and try to live a happy life but it'll always make itself known when you're at your happiest! If you tell them anything tough (haters not the genital warts), their only comeback will be to yell but.... but... "Opinions!!!!!!!" I personally didn't much care for Ant-man. I commented on how I felt about the movie once and moved on. Some people just cannot let things go. It's sad really.

-Foxtrot791d ago

That suit is'd think they'd have a good one to cover up how awful of a choice Ezra is as the Flash.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx791d ago

It kinda is lol. It's meant to look like he threw it together in his basement outta parts of a space shuttle or something xD I hear he will have 2 suits so hopefully the other one looks less raggedy. Personally Ezra is an alright choice, I just dislike how young he looks. I was hoping they'd do something different to the TV series by going a little older.

SarcasticDuck788d ago

"how young he looks" the irony is that it's supposed to be older than CW's Flash! About the suit, from what people are saying, when Batman tweaks with the suit, it won't change much visually.

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SarcasticDuck791d ago

someone has the photo without those watermarks?