Zack Snyder's Has Confirmed That We'll See The Justice League Teaser Before The End Of The Month


Fans had all but given up hope that we'd get to see the highly anticipated Justice League teaser before the new year, but director Zack Snyder seems to have confirmed that it will be with us sooner...

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Soldierone789d ago

Probably will be attached to Live By Night, its WB and has Affleck in it.

Porcelain_Chicken789d ago (Edited 789d ago )

Good call, I am actually going to go watch that movie! Would be a nice surprise if the trailer was attached to it! OMG can't wait! >_<

X-Alchemist789d ago

meh films gonna suck, calling it now

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx789d ago (Edited 789d ago )

There is almost enough there to make a sentence lol.

Some of us are genuinely excited to see this movie. I understand that you have your own opinion and while it'll certainly be respected it isn't necessary. :( For me personally, I'm dying to see this!

Newmanator789d ago

Too mature of a comment for the internet please remove yourself 😀

dauntingpixel789d ago

i'm also really excited to see the new movie

X-Alchemist788d ago

It's a comment section. Saying 'I'm excited' is no more necessary than saying you're not.

acemonkey789d ago

It will have a "Darker" tone to please the fans. Since the last trailer was "disney/ MCU " humor and light hearted. two more trailers you have this whole movie. They better who ever is in change of putting together the trailers not mess up and pull a doomsday trailer.

classic19789d ago

I can't wait to see this movie.. I'm one of the few fans that actually liked bvs!. Without a doubt, as long as batman kick ass like he did in bvs I'm all in.. Zack just gotta pace his movies out better..

dauntingpixel789d ago

i found bvs to be really enjoyable. i was a little lost for words that they actually killed supes. he's my favorite comic character. always has been so to see it actually play out on screen was a little shocking to me. i will say that the directors cut made the overall movie much better and wish they had just released that version from the beginning. i feel that people that didn't enjoy it, were already lost by the time the directoes cut hit.

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