Jennifer Lawrence Would Rather Star In A Guardians Sequel Than Appear In Another X-Men Movie


It sounds like Jennifer Lawrence is ready to make the leap from the X-Men Universe to the Marvel Cinematic Universe based on this new interview, and you can find her comments in full after the jump...

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Soldierone795d ago

Think ill pass on that one, stay in Xmen please. At least until fox loses rights to it.

DillyDilly795d ago

No thanks send her over to the DCEU

XXanderXX795d ago

How is that one doing any better

XXanderXX795d ago (Edited 795d ago )

Guess she really wants to part of a true comic movie made with real intentions of entertain , instead of one that's being made to maintain Movie licensing rights ......

KwietStorm795d ago

Good. Maybe they'll take the damn spotlight off Mystique, and she'll get to slob on Chris Pratt. Win win.